I sit here still processing my stuffing and pies and realize I have not caught up with the holiday season!  The days leading up to Christmas are my favorite, but it can also be exhausting!  I’ve been trying to get into the spirit with all my might, and I just can’t seem to catch up – so I’m making every effort to soak it in.

So if you’re like me tying up loose ends…finding balance in seeing family and friends, the fooding, the boozing and squeezing in some extra sweat, and most important – taking time to breathe…. here are some go to’s to get you through!

Ok, this is a tough one – but remember you’ve got this and make a plan! There will certainly be some good sales – so set out on your mission and stick to it!

Squeezing (literally) in some extra work while running store to store, and waiting online is easy.  Whether you are at the Mall or streetside – keep those steps brisk and take the stairs whenever possible (if you wear a pedometer make sure you get 10,000+ steps and set a goal for each hour!).

Got bags? Awesome, now you can start adding some strength training into your shopping madness!  Add a Bicep Curl, start raising those heels for some calf raises – add that extra squeeze in your cheeks at the end and now you’re burning!

-Carrie Bradshaw

Now remember to BRING PROVISIONS!  Don’t get sucked into the food court, or a quick fro-yo. Bring some easy to eat on the go snacks!  I love a good protein filled granola bar (KIND is a great option!) and I love Halos! A quick dose of Vitamin C, easy to eat on the run and no need to wash – just peel and go!  As much as the smell of a buttery carb loaded pretzel can be luring…. your bod will thank you later, and that pretzel will leave you unsatisfied and hungry 30 minutes later.  No one needs that kind of relationship in their life! 😉

You’ve made it through?  PERFECTION and time to celebrate!

So CHEERS to you!  Take some time, breathe, and if you’re like me, keeping spirits bright…..remember the 1:1 ratio!  1 Adult Beverage (My spirit of choice is Prosecco!) : One glass of H2O (Or as I prefer seltzer!).  I love all the bubbles! 🙂

Now this little elf needs to get bendy with some wrapping!

Stay Fit Stay Fly,


JAM OF THE DAY: Step Into Christmas
Elton John

Yoga, Fashion, Music & WTRMLN

As much as I love Fridays, there is something about Sunday mornings that are just pure awesome!  This Sunday morning in particular I had the opportunity to partake in an event that included a yoga class, some awesome jams, shopping and my first experience with WTRMLN WTR (review below)!  How appropriate for Staying Fit and Staying Fly!?

After racing to Bandier Flatiron (thanks MTA!) I made it just in time to throw down my bag and roll out my yoga mat.  We were greeted with an infectious smile by a very California chic, zen woman Lauren Imparato who is the owner of I.AM.YOU Studio.  Ok,  before I go any further: moment of truth here people: I’m really not a fan of yoga (GASP). BUT, I do like trying new things, and I just have to say – this was a Jammin class!  Literally JAMMIN!  Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation and a version of Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus – now this is a yoga class I can get on board with!!!  Not only was the music on point, this class was easy to follow, and great for ALL levels!  Being a yoga novice, it was nice to step into a class, receive proper corrections, and feel like this was MY class!  The philosophy of I.AM.YOU Studio is an all around physical & philosophical approach with a focus on YOU.  With a Final OM I had a whole new outlook on this modern approach to yoga!  After class there was a bit a of Q&A with the founder –  her story is inspiring and you can find out more about this rock star instructor and leader click HERE!

IMG_0680(Pre-class Intro with the Founder of I.AM.YOU Studio)

Now it was time for some shopping and to get my DRNK on and by drink I mean WTRMLN WTR!  Bandier|NY is a great stop for your fashionable fly fitness needs.  With the original location in Southampton, the Flatiron pop-up location has been around since Fall ’14 (online store coming soon!).  My last trip here I came back with some sweet apparel from Zara Terez, GoodhYOUman, even Under Armour ! (You’ve probably seen me sporting these on IG: @ssdancefit) Unfortunately, they did not have my size in the items I wanted this time, but I will be sure to return!  Especially for this fit belt that can hold all sorts of gadgets – T1D friends I will be sure to update you on this one once they restock!

Now with my blood sugar coasting at 135 I was game to try WTRMLN WTR.  I had read some recent articles about this new found beverage trend (similar to Coconut Water) this cold pressed juice is meant to be hydrating, all with the extra benefits of a good serving of potassium and lycopene.  Although there is no added sugar, for this pancreatically challenged lady there is a decent amount of carbs and sugar in one serving (bottle is 1.5) that for me it is just not worth it.

IMG_0681So as always, when an opportunity comes: take it.  Try something new.  Challenge yourself.  You will be surprised where you go and what you learn!

Stay Fit Stay Fly!