new chapter

Lessons in Suburbia

Well, it has been almost 1 month – a move, a horrible cold, a birthday and lessons on life in suburbia all squeezed into one!  While I embrace this new chapter of change and navigating my way through the suburbs in food, fitness and fun: here are few key points that stand out:

The value of TIME.  This has taken on a whole new meaning. Time is something you don’t want to waste, especially when you are in a long standing relationship with the LIRR!!  Although the commute time is not much different from before, it’s living by a schedule that is the wildcard! Just one minute can make all the difference!  Missing a train can tack on an additional 40 – 60 mins!  So if you see me on the run – hello, I love you but I gots to go!!!!

Being more MINDFUL.  Taking in the moment.  Having some separation and quiet has grounded me a bit. Just a simple inhale and exhale, no matter how brief it is, is well …calming.  The smell of the grass, the wind in the trees, people’s pumpkins on the stoop, the cricket’s chirping ….On that note… 

CRICKETS….. WTF?!?! I’m not talking about When You Wish Upon a Star, Jiminy….I’m talking those little brown, now you see me now you don’t critters.  They are EVERYWHERE!  There have been a few encounters indoors, and then there is the garage cricket squad …(they are no joke – like “We wear pink on Wednesdays, you Can’t sit with Us). Needless to say I have not spent much time in garage….As long as they stay outside we will be on good terms….

Last but certainly not least. COSTCO.  COSTCO ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON.  Absolutely, No good will come out of this decision. The logic in you will say otherwise, but no matter what your intelligent brain tries to tell you…. oh we’re nearby, let’s just stop in…NO. As a good suburbanite you sign up and do as you should.  Then as you stare at the abyss of essential non-essentials “Do I really need this ginormous pack of Pirate’s Booty?”(granted the answer to that is always YES), “Do we really need this much Lysol?  Should I be thinking about Christmas lights right now?” …. these decisions can be made at another time, not on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, not with everyone else who lives on Long Island – oh and expect to be there a long time so last but not least NOT when you are Hangry!

Now that we’re a bit settled and I’m no longer hacking up a lung, I’m pumped to get some of the exercise equipment unpacked and testing some outdoor workouts!

Stay Fit Stay Fly!


Song of the day: No No No Part 2 – Destiny’s Child