The Unknown | New Chapters and New Territories

We are all on a path in this journey of life, with goals and destinations we plan to reach.  Sometimes life has a funny way of getting us there, it may have some unexpected turns but we’re still on our path.

The above picture was taken on my way to teach my first class of the new year.  Remnants of confetti and celebrations scattered the street, full of excitement and anticipation of what this new year would bring!  New goals, new chapters – a world of possibilities with a clear path ahead!  Little did I know that shortly after, my path would take a very different course… this new route would be the path to Motherhood.

Yes, right after the new year I found out I was pregnant!  A very big surprise, and being someone with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) this was to be taken quite seriously and there was no time to waste on getting my butt into gear to get my hemoglobin A1C (blood sugar average over 2-3 months) down where it needed to be.

(*Please be advised I am not providing any medical advice in this article, but simply telling my story).

T1D + Pregnancy = A LOT OF WORK.  For a quick general background, it is preferred for those with diabetes to plan out their pregnancy and have their A1C at a particular target level before “trying” to get pregnant.  Now insert my situation….my A1C was not in a desirable place (8.2 % to be exact), nor was the pregnancy planned.  (Generally the target range for an A1C is 5-7 %, however in pregnancy the target is as close to 6% as possible or less.)

It was time to kick it into high gear, and I was going to sprint to get back on track and do whatever it would take to get there.  This included making some very difficult (yet no-brainer) decisions.  To move quickly my doctors and I removed the  extra “variables” in my life to get on track.  My erratic schedule and workouts were unfortunately the ones to go.  The reality is getting myself on a regular schedule made tracking my blood sugar easier, both with eating and working out.  As a T1D, everything must be calculated. Every piece of food that goes in your mouth, to every step and movement you make – and this is especially heightened during pregnancy.  My hiatus from teaching is not so much physical, as it is more to do with blood sugar levels and stabilization.  Addressing both high and low blood sugars while teaching, is not effective.  Anytime blood sugar levels fluctuate and increase, it poses a risk to both me and the baby, and essentially I want to eliminate the unnecessary.  What most don’t realize is that, YES exercise is great for blood sugar control and lowering levels, but High Intensity Exercise can cause blood sugar levels to spike, (not fun).  Also, during pregnancy blood sugar target levels are held to a much tighter range much lower than I am used to.  Prior to pregnancy if I was 65-75 I would be chugging down some juice or popping some glucose tablets, but now I hang out and wait to see if I drop further…. this has been the BIGGEST adjustment for me.  It is this fear that my blood sugar won’t come back up.  This is what was causing a lot of my fluctuations prior to pregnancy, as I was always on the go and this would create a bit of a roller coaster effect – something I was working on fixing.  Although I’m learning to trust that the juice will kick in and that it may actually take longer than 10-15 mins to do so; there is no need to overtreat it.  I swear it is the longest 10-15 mins out there, and I still refrain from trying to consume the refrigerator, but I’m learning to have some more patience.

REAL TALK:  There is no science to Diabetes management, it truly is an art.  You can do everything right, everything the exact same way and things just happen.  Emotions, Stress, Hormones, being sick, Technology failure, it’s Wednesday, the sun is shining….. I think you get where I’m going.  It is work, it is a full time job on a regular day, pregnancy now doubles that.  My life is numbers, and although it can be such a nuisance (especially in the middle of the night :::BEEP BEEP BEEP:::) but technology is truly a blessing.  Having a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) really is a game changer.  The alarms may drive me bonkers these days (especially with the closer target ranges), but it gives a much clearer view of what is going on in real time, so I can make any adjustments more quickly and attempting to optimize blood sugar control.  It is consuming but obviously worth it!

My current A1C is now a 6.7% (still a work in progress) but it has taken a lot to get here.  Rather than negate all of the work that has been done (a big thank you to my doctors for their support) my teaching hiatus was the best option for optimal blood sugar control and health.  Although I’m a bit sad about it, I also know it is not forever and I will be back!  Now that I am feeling more like myself again (bye bye Nausea!) I am having fun incorporating new ways of working out, and creating new routines for myself and I welcome anyone to join me!  If you have a favorite low intensity exercise please throw them at me!  I’ve got some cool toys from Power Systems that I’m excited to play with and tell you all about!

We all have our path, we can only go forward and do our best along the way!

While I head into some unknown territory, this site is going into a major overhaul with new and improved features and content coming at you!  Always in food, fitness, fun and living the T1D life.  If you are curious about anything above don’t hesitate to ask!

Until next time – Stay Fit Stay Fly!



I sit here still processing my stuffing and pies and realize I have not caught up with the holiday season!  The days leading up to Christmas are my favorite, but it can also be exhausting!  I’ve been trying to get into the spirit with all my might, and I just can’t seem to catch up – so I’m making every effort to soak it in.

So if you’re like me tying up loose ends…finding balance in seeing family and friends, the fooding, the boozing and squeezing in some extra sweat, and most important – taking time to breathe…. here are some go to’s to get you through!

Ok, this is a tough one – but remember you’ve got this and make a plan! There will certainly be some good sales – so set out on your mission and stick to it!

Squeezing (literally) in some extra work while running store to store, and waiting online is easy.  Whether you are at the Mall or streetside – keep those steps brisk and take the stairs whenever possible (if you wear a pedometer make sure you get 10,000+ steps and set a goal for each hour!).

Got bags? Awesome, now you can start adding some strength training into your shopping madness!  Add a Bicep Curl, start raising those heels for some calf raises – add that extra squeeze in your cheeks at the end and now you’re burning!

-Carrie Bradshaw

Now remember to BRING PROVISIONS!  Don’t get sucked into the food court, or a quick fro-yo. Bring some easy to eat on the go snacks!  I love a good protein filled granola bar (KIND is a great option!) and I love Halos! A quick dose of Vitamin C, easy to eat on the run and no need to wash – just peel and go!  As much as the smell of a buttery carb loaded pretzel can be luring…. your bod will thank you later, and that pretzel will leave you unsatisfied and hungry 30 minutes later.  No one needs that kind of relationship in their life! 😉

You’ve made it through?  PERFECTION and time to celebrate!

So CHEERS to you!  Take some time, breathe, and if you’re like me, keeping spirits bright…..remember the 1:1 ratio!  1 Adult Beverage (My spirit of choice is Prosecco!) : One glass of H2O (Or as I prefer seltzer!).  I love all the bubbles! 🙂

Now this little elf needs to get bendy with some wrapping!

Stay Fit Stay Fly,


JAM OF THE DAY: Step Into Christmas
Elton John

Happy Thanksgiving

Healthy Lifestyle is year long, not “oh the holidays are coming so I should work out”.

Workout because it is good for you.  
Workout because it feels good and how it makes you feel.
It is a feeling not a numbers game.  Those endorphins, how your clothes fit – those mean more than any of those numbers.

Life is meant to be lived, enjoyed an tasted! with no regrets!

This holiday, instead of concentrating on calories, put that effort into TIME.

Time spent with loved ones, family & friends.
Time for you, to relax, meditate, workout…something good for you!
Time to disconnect.  This is a tough one, but take the opportunity to disconnect and truly be in the moment – LIVE!

Now I have had stuffing on my mind for the last week.  It is simply my favorite quintessential Thanksgiving food.  Savory, carb-filled, slightly crispy goodness covered in gravy. It could be that this is the only time of year I eat this glorious glutenous glob that makes it so good – but I am going to enjoy every bite!!!!  Oh yeah and a piece of pumpkin pie too!  (I’ve got my Bolus game face on!) 😉

It’s called balance 🙂

Wishing you nothing but good vibes and good food!

Stay Fit Stay Fly & Keep it TASTY!

JAM OF THE DAY: On My Mind – Ellie Goulding



Throwback Thursday | Dominican Republic

Ahhh take me back…. here’s a little Stay Fit Stay Fly TBT style…
Having the opportunity to get away and cut off from all technology was just what the doctor had ordered!  Sunshine, breeze blowing through palm trees, and a delicious adult beverage in hand – I can seriously get on board with this mermaid life! 😉

Taking time to relax and make time for yourself is a necessity!  Now, although I was on vacay, that doesn’t mean I left the healthy lifestyle at home BUUUUUT I do make sure that I enjoy myself! (Remember it’s all about the Balance!  ;)) You have to live your life, and being in another country, one of my favorite ways to experience it is through FOOD!

Starting every morning with this colorful plate of Tropical goodness was the best way to start – you really can’t get it like this at home – some of my personal faves of pineapple, papaya and mango!!!

(Gorgeous right???)

Swimming in the pool & the ocean were delightful (shocking to those who know me in NYC, but in a tropical setting, what can I say I really am a mermaid).

(Just like this, I swear…)

Renting bikes was a fantastic way to get around and see more of the island!  No road biking here, total beach cruiser…. though a few wrong turns, and some hills later, I’m quite certain this is one of the few cruisers to make it up there up – but all well worth it!

Now for some new adventures in the sun… STAND UP PADDLE BOARDING!  This has been on my list for a while, and a bit difficult at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy as 1, 2, 3!  Super awesome total body workout!!!  Looking forward to checking this out locally this summer…although I think it may lose some of it’s allure sans turquoise water….

Although no photos, there was group Banana Boating…just a mere 15 mins and your inner thighs will surely feel the burn!  Think of mechanical bull riding in the ocean…and your main goal is to hang on! 😉

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Living the life of a mermaid and having fair skin means I need to take some extra precautions!!! SO so thankful for Beautycounter Sunscreen – this stuff is amazing!  Chemical Free, NON-GREASY and smells great!  A little goes a long way – I highly recommend it!  Check it HERE

Being back in the hustle and flow of life, I appreciate my down time even more!!! We all work hard, and it is equally as important to take care to ourselves and to allow some time to relax. My tech detox was well worth it!

Tell me, how do you like to keep healthy while on Vacay?
What do you do to take time for yourself when life gets crazy?

Stay Fit Stay Fly!  Keep it tasty!


JAM OF THE DAY: MERMAID – Flight of the Conchords
(super pumped to see them live this SUMMER!)

LOVE | 24/7/365

Valentine’s Day.  Just a friendly reminder to show the most important person in your life how much you care…..YOU! Although, this practice is 24/7/365 take some time today to show yourself some extra love!  Treat yo’self right in food, fitness and fun – do it for YOU!

Wishing you nothing but love & good vibes today, and always!  Happy VDay bbs! xx

Stay Fit Stay Fly,
JAM OF THE DAY: Show Me Love (Robyn)


OMG | Oh. My. Gouda.

Who art in my refrigerator, Hallowed be thy name.

Knowing me, you understand that I live by all states of cheese: Creamy, Crumbly, Soft, Hard, and Stinky to name a few.  This faith in all forms of pasteurized dairy goodness also brings out the devil inside.  My holidays can be summed up in the photos below.  Consumed, demolished and enjoyed –  every single bite and every single moment!  No rind left untouched, and no regrets (well maybe some 😉 )

(A lovely assortment of Spanish Cheese….gone, there was no chance for survival)

 (Cheesboard of local cheeses of Quebec… Don’t mind if do!)

Needless to say my body is going through a slow (even shaky) detox.  So while I shake off the cravings for this fantastical source of protein, Vitamin D, Calcium enriched D-Food (yes, cheese is super T1D friendly!), before my eyes appears this article in the January issue of Women’s Health Magazine! “Big Cheeses” listing 7 salivating selections and their benefits!!!

  (Do you hear that?  Yes, those are angels singing) 
Go out and pick up the latest issue with Jillian Micahels on the cover!

Everything from calming pms symptoms (cheese you’re my best friend), serving as a great source of protein and amino acids, even cavity prevention!  ( sure “I eat cheese for my dental health”…)!

Oh the sweet smell of JUSTIFICATION!  So while curbing these cravings, my consumption of mass quantities of cheese were not in vain! However it is still good to be mindful and aware of how much you are um enjoying….Moderation (yes I said the M word) is key!   In ensuring a healthy calcium intake during said detox, I am using my dear friend Greek Yogurt as a base for this antioxidant, protein filled snack!


As for my extra 30 minutes, I had a playdate with Bosu and an exercise ball!

Keep playing and keep it tasty!

Stay Fit Stay Fly!

 Jam of the Day: Bad (David Guetta & Showtek ft. Vassy)

It’s 2016 Baby

As 2015 came to an end, I ate up some of my own advice and took some time to recharge!  2016 is here!  What I love about a new year starting, is there is a sense of something fresh, a clean slate and world of possibilities!

Personally, I’m not for resolutions but I’m all about having goals!  Typically for the new year, many people set their “resolutions” and goals around their health and well being.  Healthy lifestyle choices are fo sho year round! Rather than looking at the year as one whole, set some attainable goals over the next month or two.  Figure out what it will take to achieve these goals and how you will get there!  Let’s see where 2016 takes us!

Joe & Carol (1)

Here’s where I’m going from now till February 29th.  30 Minutes of Activity per day (or extra 30 mins if you’ve already got some plans set)! This will alternate between cardio and strength training. Regardless of what my schedule is, I’m making that 30 (or extra 30) happen and hope you join me too!  Let’s have fun and get creative!  We’ve all got 30 minutes somewhere in the day so let’s lock it down! (I’ll be adding pics, vids feedback here and on instagram & twitter at @ssdancefit!)

We keep appointments with everyone else, how can we not keep appointments with the most important person in our lives… OURSELVES! So get your sweat on in a class, session, or outside – the time is there, stay committed and make it, treat yourself well, fill up on all those tasty, good for you, antioxidant filled foods, take time to decompress and time for you! Being active is important and so is mental health. Stay committed, be your best and live your best in 2016!

Speaking of Tasty and filling up on the good for you noms – here is quick, easy way to fill’er up premium!  Egg & Quinoa Scramble!  If you haven’t hopped on the Quinoa train before, here are a few things to know: this “superfood” is a whole grain, naturally gluten free, and chock full of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. High fiber, high protein and not only that, it is super easy to prepare!!! Quinoa for the win!!!

12401871_878086368975143_543625119603068750_o(2 eggs, 1/4 cup of quinoa, tomato, salt, pepper and cayenne)
To cook – just treat it like an omelette, letting the egg cook a little then adding COOKED quinoa – for this I added tomato, but you can use any veg you like!

Here’s to a TASTY 2016!

Stay Fit Stay Fly,

JAM OF THE DAY: Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better)

Burn, Fuel & Recharge

It’s a week post Thanksgiving!!  Oh the food, the booze – but it was fun wasn’t it?!  🙂  From the end of November and heading into the final month of the year (when did that happen?!) there is lots of merriment to be had!!!  Healthy choices in diet and an active lifestyle are not just for times when overindulgence occurs!  By maintaining these habits YEAR ROUND, enjoying your one-off days should not become a worry!!  Carbs be damned I sure had myself a second helping of Thanksgiving deliciousness – although questioned my judgement post consumption, not because of calories but because of discomfort!  I knew I should have worn something with an elastic waist 😉 but nothing like a small post dinner Whip Nae Nae to get a girl feeling better! (I kid not, it was a family affair).  A holiday that brings such joy, should not bring on such self loathing!

Now from my last post – the Spiced Nuts were great – they have become a staple! Protein, good fats, and good for you spices!! Nom nom nom nom…. The cranberry sauce on the other hand….*this is no reflection of the recipe*… I admit it… I went rogue. All with good intentions but did not follow the recipe.    I decided to try Stevia…let’s just say it looked alot prettier than it tasted.  Now, I know what your thinking… Cranberry Sauce…Hello Miss T1D?  don’t judge though, if you know your blood sugar and your carb counts it can be done!  Generally I use this condiment so sparingly and after doing much research and being horrified by the amount of sugar in cranberry sauce, multiple cups of sugar for a small serving!!!  MULTIPLE. CUPS. The spiced nuts recipe uses a few tablespoons and I even cut back on it!

It looked pretty……

It was a weekend of food, family and there was certainly fitness incorporated into said activities!  My playdate with the Bosu went rather well – we’re building our relationship! 😉

Hello friend….

After the long weekend I was fiening for some clean eats.  It was cold and chilly in NYC and after a day of teaching and running around Manhattan, I wanted something warm and simple.  Scouring the internet, I was super lucky to come across this Roasted Garlic Mushroom Quinoa recipe from Cooking LSL!   Why am I so lucky you ask?  Because her recipe was ON POINT!!!  Simple, declicious, clean, gluten free – it was just what I was looking for, and I’m super pumped to try out some more of her recipes!  Simple, Tasty and Satisfying  – now that’s what I’m talkin about!!!

As December starts and days of merriment ensue – remember to keep your appointments during the holiday craziness for the most important person that we always seem to forget… YOU!

Make time for yourself
BURN: because it’s good for you and it feels good!  FUN FACT: Not sure if you can get that workout in?  According to ACE (American Council of Exercise) –  Research shows that just 10 mins of cardio is better than nothing.  If you can’t squeeze in just 10 mins – I’m telling you straight up – you sit on a throne of lies!

FUEL: fill up Premium with that all natural, nutritious, antioxidant filled, Omega 3 lovin goodness!  FUN FACT: (to go with the spiced nuts recipe 😉 ) check out this article on why you should “Go Nuts for NUTS” from Everyday Health!

RECHARGE: meditate and sleep.  Your body and mind need a rest to function at full capacity.  Make that time for yourself.   FUN FACT: Some scary things happen when you don’t get enough sleep.  Memory loss?  Weight Gain? Not being on your A-game?  Check the deets out HERE thanks to the awesome people at POPSUGAR.

It’s about being conscious.  Burn it, Taste it, Live it!!

How are you going to Burn, Fuel and Recharge?

Make it Tasty.

JAM OF THE DAY: What Kind of Cool (QuestLove Remix) – Cody ChesnuTT






Get Your Drank On!

H20 style!  Yes, its summer and here in NYC we are in the middle of a sweaty heat wave!  So this is just a friendly reminder that to Stay Fit and Stay Fly you need to keep that bod of yours well hydrated!  Staying !will not only help with performance, but also prevent Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke!  Many of us think we are getting enough water/hydration but the hydration process needs to start before your activity! Estimate about 10.5 – 14 fl. oz before your sweat session!  Remember to stay ahead of your thirst – don’t wait until you “feel” thirsty!  Stay hydrated before, during and after exercise – also be sure to listen to your bod (it won’t lie to you!).  You know I love to sweat and I love a good extra push, however it is easy to miss some key symptoms of Heat Exhaustion  (thank you Mayo Clinic for the brief list of symptoms).

Staying hydrated doesn’t mean just consume water – although this is a number one and easy way to do so – here are some of my favorite alternatives:

If you have attended my classes you may have even sample this drink!  Generally, I avoid sports drinks (too sugary, or full of chemicals – not so great for a T1D)  but these guys have it going on!  All natural, low-cal, a little caffeine (thanks guarana berry) and full of electrolytes – this beverage is a go to alternative when I want something a little different and need a little energy boost!  (My personal faves are Tea + Lemondae and Orange Passion!)
Be sure to check out their latest product: Fruit Essence – flavored water + electolytes (sans caffeine) – Lemon Cucumber is my spa-like jam!


Thanks to HEALTH MAGAZINE here is  list of top fruits and veg to keep you hydrated and fueled up for the day!  These foods are listed due to their high water content by percentage!  EAT UP!!!! 🙂

Some Watermelon, Nectarines, and Grapes….Nommin!)

So go fuel up, stay hydrated, Stay Fit Stay Fly!

Fit Fly Friday Faves! | Top 5

Say that 3 times fast! 😉 What a week!?!? There has been a lot of crazy stuff going on here lately, but it’s Friday so I’m going share some of my top faves of this week – to Stay Fit & Stay Fly!

1.) FRUIT!! 
The time is NOW people!!  So many varieties to choose from!  Whether your looking for something to snack on, or add something new to your to your daily fooding – the season is here!!!  Did you know that fruit is an awesome and tasty source for water? Most obvious is WATERmelon which has the highest content! Right now I’m totally feeling the watermelon, berries and peaches!!!  So many fun things you can do with that delectable stone fruit!  In the morning with some greek yogurt and almonds, in a smoothie*, now you got your basics go get creative and put that on the grill (trust me if you haven’t done this already you will thank me later!). Let’s throw it back to 1996: who remembers this one? PEACHES
*Recipes to follow, and to note that I only make smoothies w/ fruit, ice, a little yogurt and coconut water – no JUICE!!!  If you really want juice, you should consume the actual fruit – otherwise you miss out on all the nutrients!!!  Tell me some of your favorite ways to add fruit to your day!

I discovered this company earlier in the year and I just love EVERYTHING about them.  Not only are their clothes in the softest materials (I would like to live in them at all times) they’ve got some serious sweet messages out there because “everyone has a story”.  My latest purchase is this tank top which I will definitely be rocking everywhere this summer!  You can check out their story and more in the link above!!

GHpic  Seriously – don’t stop! #hustle

3.) Warm Weather/Longer Days
Lovin that the days are long and the sun drops at about 8:30pm!  That means there is more time for walks, rides and good vibes outside!  Discover new ways to get your sweat on in your own playground!  New York City definitely has a lot of options, and imma get out there and play!!! (pics to follow! How are you staying fit outside?)  

4.)The Knocks – Collect My Love
Now I’m always looking for new jams of all kinds and the new single Collect My Love by The Knocks featuring Alex Newell has something so fun and so retro disco.  I just want to get my sequins, go out and get my dance on! (Check the link!)
the-knocks-so-classic-ep-cover-art try not to dance…

5.) Who is Fly?
Jeff Goldblum
that’s who!  In honor of the Jurassic Park’s 22nd anniversary  – Thank you Huffington Post for putting together a grand compilation of this piece of sexiness! For your visual entertainment Click HERE!  62 Looks damn good on you Jeff – here’s to stayin fit and stayin fly!

MTE5NDg0MDU1Mzg2Njg2OTkx (Silver Fox)

Have a great weekend kids – get out there, get your sweat on and play!  Just make sure you’ve got some sweet jams and rock yo’ steez!

Stay Fit Stay Fly!