I sit here still processing my stuffing and pies and realize I have not caught up with the holiday season!  The days leading up to Christmas are my favorite, but it can also be exhausting!  I’ve been trying to get into the spirit with all my might, and I just can’t seem to catch up – so I’m making every effort to soak it in.

So if you’re like me tying up loose ends…finding balance in seeing family and friends, the fooding, the boozing and squeezing in some extra sweat, and most important – taking time to breathe…. here are some go to’s to get you through!

Ok, this is a tough one – but remember you’ve got this and make a plan! There will certainly be some good sales – so set out on your mission and stick to it!

Squeezing (literally) in some extra work while running store to store, and waiting online is easy.  Whether you are at the Mall or streetside – keep those steps brisk and take the stairs whenever possible (if you wear a pedometer make sure you get 10,000+ steps and set a goal for each hour!).

Got bags? Awesome, now you can start adding some strength training into your shopping madness!  Add a Bicep Curl, start raising those heels for some calf raises – add that extra squeeze in your cheeks at the end and now you’re burning!

-Carrie Bradshaw

Now remember to BRING PROVISIONS!  Don’t get sucked into the food court, or a quick fro-yo. Bring some easy to eat on the go snacks!  I love a good protein filled granola bar (KIND is a great option!) and I love Halos! A quick dose of Vitamin C, easy to eat on the run and no need to wash – just peel and go!  As much as the smell of a buttery carb loaded pretzel can be luring…. your bod will thank you later, and that pretzel will leave you unsatisfied and hungry 30 minutes later.  No one needs that kind of relationship in their life! 😉

You’ve made it through?  PERFECTION and time to celebrate!

So CHEERS to you!  Take some time, breathe, and if you’re like me, keeping spirits bright…..remember the 1:1 ratio!  1 Adult Beverage (My spirit of choice is Prosecco!) : One glass of H2O (Or as I prefer seltzer!).  I love all the bubbles! 🙂

Now this little elf needs to get bendy with some wrapping!

Stay Fit Stay Fly,


JAM OF THE DAY: Step Into Christmas
Elton John

Workout Wednesday | Changing it Up and Taking it Back

It’s been a while – can you believe it is August!?!  It has been some summer so far, and although my training for the JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes in Death Valley, CA this October has been well under way, I have been looking for some new ways to get some new cardio in.  Now getting your daily sweat session everyday is great for your overall health, however to see continuous progress and results, you’ve got to spice things up and switch up your routine!  As with all things in our lives from coffee to deodorant (yes, you need to switch this up too 😉 ) to working out, our bods adapt and get used to things.  That is where we see the plateau. So get out there and try that new class, increase your intensity. keep challenging yourself and keep going! (You’ve got this!)

Self admittedly, I loathe running, and have been seriously enjoying the summer weather. In wanting to take my workout outside sans bike I was looking for other outdoor alternatives!  Remember those elementary school days at recess?  “Strawberry Shortcake cream on top, tell me the name of your sweetheart”….


Thank you Sports Authority

YES, my friends – I channeled my childhood days and got myself a jump rope!  It may not have pink glittter or sparkly tassles on the end (I’m sure I can find something on Pinterest that will tell me how to do this!) however I am now a proud adult owner of a BodyFit Jump Rope!

Low cost, packs easy, ready to go at anytime – I think I found a new friend!  Despite working with this easy to follow workout found on Greatist: 15 minute Jump Rope Workout this was definitely not as easy as I remember. (Seriously, remember when you used to “jump in”?)..:::sigh:::

Before the Jump Fest

I took myself to a local park, and was oh so fortunate to have to onlookers  watch me jump and also lash myself with said rope.  Some new friend right? (One onlooker actually came up to me and told me she gives me credit for doing it ….thank you for the vote of confidence!).  My ego may be more bruised than my arms, and while it may seem masochistic I’m taking this challenge, coming back and ready for more!

The Aftermath

So now I want to know:


Wishing you nothing but good vibes and good jamz!

Stay Fit Stay Fly!