NYFW | Athleisure House

Monday night.  That cool, beautiful end of summer feel…I had the chance to attend Athleisure Mag’s Fashion Event during New York Fashion Week! Athleisure House!

Now here’s the deal.  You know spandex is my business casual, I live out of my gym bag (sometimes multiples), and I play Clark Kent on a daily running all over this crazy city.  Finding clothes that look good, feel good and take me from the gym to a meeting are what I’m all about!  Even if not heading to a meeting – you should always want to be looking fly, especially with your greatest accessory SWEAT! 🙂

The venue was perfect for this night – outdoors!  Models were on display in varying designers.  I was most interested in Noli Yoga – although I wish they had shown more looks, I thought these were ab fab!

It wasn’t just fashion, I also had the opp to try out some super awesome Bevs – both of the hydrating and adult kind 😉
100% Spring Water in one of the more sustainable packages for “bottled” water today.  Ok so I can effectively hydrate, have a positive impact on the environment and it is locally made in the state of New York?  WIN-WIN-WIN

Next up was the new Adult Beverage TRULY Spiked & Sparkling
Had the pleasure of trying the Grapefruit flavor.  This is definitely a nice refreshing spiked alternative!  Brewed like beer but it is Gluten Free, Low Cal and Low Carb (Hey there fellow T1Ds!)  I am curious to see where this goes!  Described as “lively & effervescent” and I must say I agree!

Good Vibes all over, the DJ was on point, mixing up a whole bunch of goodness – not of your Top 40 Variety  – which was TIGHT!  SIDE NOTE: has anyone else noticed the ridiculous amount of 90’s remakes? Don’t get me wrong I am loving it, ALL of it, although it always leaves me questioning – “it couldn’t have been that long ago, could it?” yes, you foolish woman, yes it was.

To top off the evening, I departed with a hecka sweet Swag Bag!  This was a gem, a super cute reusable shopper full of products I CANNOT wait to try!

Included in the bag: Nature Republic Skincare Package.  You know I love Korean Skincare lines and Face Masks so I’m SUPER stoked to try this out!  (I do wonder how Banana Republic feels about the use of font.  File that under “Things that make you go hmmm”)

Trilogy – Make-up Be Gone Cleansing Balm.  I ❤ Make up, and love natural products.  Let’s see how this one rolls.  Will revert back to you on this soon!

A pair of HOM men’s Boxer Briefs….Size M, French Company…. being that these run a bit on the, ahem, smaller side – I think I have some new lounge shorts 😉

I even learned what a TigerNut is (no, not something that fits into ^^^ (yep I took it there :P).  It’s a small root vegetable chock full of prebiotic fiber (aka great for digestion and staying satisfied).  If you’re a Paleo kid – this could be your snacktacular jam….although not exactly my cup of tea…

All of this came in an adorable one-of-kind shopper by Quilted Koala!

Thanks to Athleisure Mag for having me join in on the fun!
Till next time…

Stay Fit Stay Fly!

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