The word of the day is Transition.

The process of changing from one state to another.

It can be exciting, it can be scary, but if everything stayed the same, what fun would that be?

When I set out on this journey, I had certain ideas, plans… which have all since evolved, heck – transitioned.  2016 has brought on a number of these said transitions, both personally and professionally, and well to be honest some of these took me a bit off track.  As I look back, I sit here and realize my last post was months ago (2016 where are you going?).  During this time, writing was the easiest thing to brush aside.  Is this a failure?  No.  Am I disappointed?  Real Talk: yes, a little bit.

(Unfortunately, I do not know the author to give credit to, but love everything about this quote)

As I sit here, and look at what I’ve learned through this: new skills, new parts of myself, or the new tasks I’ve taken on – there is a purpose for everything!  Sometimes you need to leave something to realize what it is you want and to gain clarity.  The experience shapes us to help us evolve (TRANSITION!) to that next level, be it personally, professionally OR both!

Stay Fit Stay Fly is going to remain here (more posts to come – and yes more frequently), but there are some transitions that are being put into motion and for that I can’t wait!  The foundations here will still fuel on keeping life TASTY in: Fitness, Food, & Fun infused with avocado, coffee and good jams!

We’ve got one life to live, with only one way to go!

Looking forward to creating some transitional magic w/ y’all! Stay Tuned!

Tell me, what are some transitions you’ve been through?

Stay Fit Stay Fly!

Jam of the Day: Changes

(RIP David Bowie)


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