ISO | Desperately Seeking…

Ok, so my life right now can be summed up by this ↓↓↓

chapstickAnd they do!  They hurt real bad! Now usually, my go to when my lips are severely dry and chapped is hands down Vaseline.  HOWEVER – right now, this is NOT the case.  Slathering my lips, in that petroleum jelly mess that is meant for moisturizing and healing has been an epic fail!  Epic I tell you!  My lips are completely rejecting the stuff!  Cracking, shriveling and downright molting!!  (and you know that is NOT a cute look)!  It’s like the Sahara on my face!

I’ve tried it all, but I never thought Vaseline would let me down 😦 .

Medicated, balms, sticks, pots, salves, SPF (my lips realllllly don’t like SPF) – from Burts Bees to Rosebud, Carmex to Blistex – I have tried it all and never once thought Vaseline would let me down.

Now I ask you…. what is your go to for moisturizing your pout? I really need to know, well because my lips hurt real bad.  Desperate times call for desperate measures…


xx (because I can’t pout)

Stay Fit Stay Fly (Stay moisturized!)


JAM OF THE DAY: Love Like That, ~ Mayer Hawthorne

(Seriously this dude is on heavy rotation right now)


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