It’s 2016 Baby

As 2015 came to an end, I ate up some of my own advice and took some time to recharge!  2016 is here!  What I love about a new year starting, is there is a sense of something fresh, a clean slate and world of possibilities!

Personally, I’m not for resolutions but I’m all about having goals!  Typically for the new year, many people set their “resolutions” and goals around their health and well being.  Healthy lifestyle choices are fo sho year round! Rather than looking at the year as one whole, set some attainable goals over the next month or two.  Figure out what it will take to achieve these goals and how you will get there!  Let’s see where 2016 takes us!

Joe & Carol (1)

Here’s where I’m going from now till February 29th.  30 Minutes of Activity per day (or extra 30 mins if you’ve already got some plans set)! This will alternate between cardio and strength training. Regardless of what my schedule is, I’m making that 30 (or extra 30) happen and hope you join me too!  Let’s have fun and get creative!  We’ve all got 30 minutes somewhere in the day so let’s lock it down! (I’ll be adding pics, vids feedback here and on instagram & twitter at @ssdancefit!)

We keep appointments with everyone else, how can we not keep appointments with the most important person in our lives… OURSELVES! So get your sweat on in a class, session, or outside – the time is there, stay committed and make it, treat yourself well, fill up on all those tasty, good for you, antioxidant filled foods, take time to decompress and time for you! Being active is important and so is mental health. Stay committed, be your best and live your best in 2016!

Speaking of Tasty and filling up on the good for you noms – here is quick, easy way to fill’er up premium!  Egg & Quinoa Scramble!  If you haven’t hopped on the Quinoa train before, here are a few things to know: this “superfood” is a whole grain, naturally gluten free, and chock full of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. High fiber, high protein and not only that, it is super easy to prepare!!! Quinoa for the win!!!

12401871_878086368975143_543625119603068750_o(2 eggs, 1/4 cup of quinoa, tomato, salt, pepper and cayenne)
To cook – just treat it like an omelette, letting the egg cook a little then adding COOKED quinoa – for this I added tomato, but you can use any veg you like!

Here’s to a TASTY 2016!

Stay Fit Stay Fly,

JAM OF THE DAY: Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better)

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