Burn, Fuel & Recharge

It’s a week post Thanksgiving!!  Oh the food, the booze – but it was fun wasn’t it?!  🙂  From the end of November and heading into the final month of the year (when did that happen?!) there is lots of merriment to be had!!!  Healthy choices in diet and an active lifestyle are not just for times when overindulgence occurs!  By maintaining these habits YEAR ROUND, enjoying your one-off days should not become a worry!!  Carbs be damned I sure had myself a second helping of Thanksgiving deliciousness – although questioned my judgement post consumption, not because of calories but because of discomfort!  I knew I should have worn something with an elastic waist 😉 but nothing like a small post dinner Whip Nae Nae to get a girl feeling better! (I kid not, it was a family affair).  A holiday that brings such joy, should not bring on such self loathing!

Now from my last post – the Spiced Nuts were great – they have become a staple! Protein, good fats, and good for you spices!! Nom nom nom nom…. The cranberry sauce on the other hand….*this is no reflection of the recipe*… I admit it… I went rogue. All with good intentions but did not follow the recipe.    I decided to try Stevia…let’s just say it looked alot prettier than it tasted.  Now, I know what your thinking… Cranberry Sauce…Hello Miss T1D?  don’t judge though, if you know your blood sugar and your carb counts it can be done!  Generally I use this condiment so sparingly and after doing much research and being horrified by the amount of sugar in cranberry sauce, multiple cups of sugar for a small serving!!!  MULTIPLE. CUPS. The spiced nuts recipe uses a few tablespoons and I even cut back on it!

It looked pretty……

It was a weekend of food, family and there was certainly fitness incorporated into said activities!  My playdate with the Bosu went rather well – we’re building our relationship! 😉

Hello friend….

After the long weekend I was fiening for some clean eats.  It was cold and chilly in NYC and after a day of teaching and running around Manhattan, I wanted something warm and simple.  Scouring the internet, I was super lucky to come across this Roasted Garlic Mushroom Quinoa recipe from Cooking LSL!   Why am I so lucky you ask?  Because her recipe was ON POINT!!!  Simple, declicious, clean, gluten free – it was just what I was looking for, and I’m super pumped to try out some more of her recipes!  Simple, Tasty and Satisfying  – now that’s what I’m talkin about!!!

As December starts and days of merriment ensue – remember to keep your appointments during the holiday craziness for the most important person that we always seem to forget… YOU!

Make time for yourself
BURN: because it’s good for you and it feels good!  FUN FACT: Not sure if you can get that workout in?  According to ACE (American Council of Exercise) –  Research shows that just 10 mins of cardio is better than nothing.  If you can’t squeeze in just 10 mins – I’m telling you straight up – you sit on a throne of lies!

FUEL: fill up Premium with that all natural, nutritious, antioxidant filled, Omega 3 lovin goodness!  FUN FACT: (to go with the spiced nuts recipe 😉 ) check out this article on why you should “Go Nuts for NUTS” from Everyday Health!

RECHARGE: meditate and sleep.  Your body and mind need a rest to function at full capacity.  Make that time for yourself.   FUN FACT: Some scary things happen when you don’t get enough sleep.  Memory loss?  Weight Gain? Not being on your A-game?  Check the deets out HERE thanks to the awesome people at POPSUGAR.

It’s about being conscious.  Burn it, Taste it, Live it!!

How are you going to Burn, Fuel and Recharge?

Make it Tasty.

JAM OF THE DAY: What Kind of Cool (QuestLove Remix) – Cody ChesnuTT






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