Giving Thanks | Balance

Ahhh Thanksgiving… my favorite holiday!  No obligations, a day full of F’s – Family, Friends and of course FOOD (for some, Football but honestly I’m more concerned about how to balance out everything on my plate!).  Now back to that word Balance… that is what it’s all about!  There is a lot of buzz about there about the Pre-Thanksgiving Burn, Burning those Thanksgiving calories, earning it…… HOWEVER in keeping with your physical activity and balancing your plate, you can enjoy all of your favorites and NO you should not feel guilty!  Life is meant to be lived, it’s delicious and this holiday comes just once a year!

Now I’ll be real… I’m definitely going to be squeezing in some extra activity (not just because I like to fill my plate) but also because of Type One Diabetes (T1D)….. because I AIN’T AFRAID OF NO CARBS!!!  With my trusty Dexcom CGM set up and ready to go, the extra activity helps to balance out my blood sugar throughout the day!  Being that I love this carbtastic holiday (the sides are truly my fave) I really want to be sure I put in every effort to enjoy it to the max!!! (and let’s face it a little extra physical activity doesn’t hurt either!) For example – stuffing….especially those golden crispy corners doused in gravy :::insert drool::: … I digress….  thankfully I eat these items about once a year, and  is probably the reason that makes this carbo-load so irresistible and almost a religious experience…. but alas such a small amount adds the carbs up quickly!  What’s a girl to do when your favorite holiday meal consists of carbs + carbs + carbs???  (Did I mention Mashed Potatoes?  We still haven’t gotten to dessert yet either)

For those interested in carb counts:  Shout out to for providing this quick carb guide for Thanksgiving Dinner!


In what I consider “conscious living” (being mindful, making decisions, and knowing what we are consuming and doing), here are a few things to keep in mind, especially during the holidays and for my T1Ds for those days that involve more carbs!
Increased physical activity – remember activity stays with you for up to 24 hours, just by adding an afternoon walk (or my personal fave – POST DINNER DANCE PARTY! – will for sure help keep things in better check with blood sugars!

Save the Best for Last – filling your plate with low carb/veggie items and consuming them first! ( This will leave less room on your plate for the high carb items, and once you reach your favorites you are inevitably more full!  🙂 At our Thanksgiving the sides are truly my favorite, thankfully only 2 are high carb (stuffing and mashed potatoes), the rest are veggie filled… ok ok Moment of Truth: one of them is cauliflower covered in cheese – low carb but not low cal – but delicious as ever).

Balance is an everyday thing, not just for certain occasions.  By keeping a balance of activity, healthy eating habits daily – you should go and enjoy the special occasions and holidays without guilt.  It’s called life, and we’ve got one to live… LIVE IT UP!! 🙂

Now for Thursday morning, I’m going to make sure I get some cardio in!  The weather here in NYC is looking good and relatively warm for this time of year, so I’ll be sure to get my booty outside (anyone up for Turkey Day bike ride?) but while I prepare my spiced nuts and cranberry sauce I’ll be sure to add some leg lifts, counter push ups, and bicep curls in between stirs!!! (follow me on SnapChat: @ssdancefit)
*Thank you to the good folks at The Food Network Kitchen and Epicurious!

I’ll be sharing updates on these recipes (cranberry sauce is a first for me!) but my question for you is:

What are you making for Thanksgiving?

As we head into this holiday of giving thanks and as we approach the end of NDAM – I am so thankful for the love and support of family, friends and technology – for without out any of these I would not be living the life I have!!!

Stay Fit Stay Fly!

Jam of the Day: Lay It All On Me (feat. Ed Sheeran)

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