Get Your Drank On!

H20 style!  Yes, its summer and here in NYC we are in the middle of a sweaty heat wave!  So this is just a friendly reminder that to Stay Fit and Stay Fly you need to keep that bod of yours well hydrated!  Staying !will not only help with performance, but also prevent Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke!  Many of us think we are getting enough water/hydration but the hydration process needs to start before your activity! Estimate about 10.5 – 14 fl. oz before your sweat session!  Remember to stay ahead of your thirst – don’t wait until you “feel” thirsty!  Stay hydrated before, during and after exercise – also be sure to listen to your bod (it won’t lie to you!).  You know I love to sweat and I love a good extra push, however it is easy to miss some key symptoms of Heat Exhaustion  (thank you Mayo Clinic for the brief list of symptoms).

Staying hydrated doesn’t mean just consume water – although this is a number one and easy way to do so – here are some of my favorite alternatives:

If you have attended my classes you may have even sample this drink!  Generally, I avoid sports drinks (too sugary, or full of chemicals – not so great for a T1D)  but these guys have it going on!  All natural, low-cal, a little caffeine (thanks guarana berry) and full of electrolytes – this beverage is a go to alternative when I want something a little different and need a little energy boost!  (My personal faves are Tea + Lemondae and Orange Passion!)
Be sure to check out their latest product: Fruit Essence – flavored water + electolytes (sans caffeine) – Lemon Cucumber is my spa-like jam!


Thanks to HEALTH MAGAZINE here is  list of top fruits and veg to keep you hydrated and fueled up for the day!  These foods are listed due to their high water content by percentage!  EAT UP!!!! 🙂

Some Watermelon, Nectarines, and Grapes….Nommin!)

So go fuel up, stay hydrated, Stay Fit Stay Fly!

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