Fit Fly Friday Faves! | Top 5

Say that 3 times fast! 😉 What a week!?!? There has been a lot of crazy stuff going on here lately, but it’s Friday so I’m going share some of my top faves of this week – to Stay Fit & Stay Fly!

1.) FRUIT!! 
The time is NOW people!!  So many varieties to choose from!  Whether your looking for something to snack on, or add something new to your to your daily fooding – the season is here!!!  Did you know that fruit is an awesome and tasty source for water? Most obvious is WATERmelon which has the highest content! Right now I’m totally feeling the watermelon, berries and peaches!!!  So many fun things you can do with that delectable stone fruit!  In the morning with some greek yogurt and almonds, in a smoothie*, now you got your basics go get creative and put that on the grill (trust me if you haven’t done this already you will thank me later!). Let’s throw it back to 1996: who remembers this one? PEACHES
*Recipes to follow, and to note that I only make smoothies w/ fruit, ice, a little yogurt and coconut water – no JUICE!!!  If you really want juice, you should consume the actual fruit – otherwise you miss out on all the nutrients!!!  Tell me some of your favorite ways to add fruit to your day!

I discovered this company earlier in the year and I just love EVERYTHING about them.  Not only are their clothes in the softest materials (I would like to live in them at all times) they’ve got some serious sweet messages out there because “everyone has a story”.  My latest purchase is this tank top which I will definitely be rocking everywhere this summer!  You can check out their story and more in the link above!!

GHpic  Seriously – don’t stop! #hustle

3.) Warm Weather/Longer Days
Lovin that the days are long and the sun drops at about 8:30pm!  That means there is more time for walks, rides and good vibes outside!  Discover new ways to get your sweat on in your own playground!  New York City definitely has a lot of options, and imma get out there and play!!! (pics to follow! How are you staying fit outside?)  

4.)The Knocks – Collect My Love
Now I’m always looking for new jams of all kinds and the new single Collect My Love by The Knocks featuring Alex Newell has something so fun and so retro disco.  I just want to get my sequins, go out and get my dance on! (Check the link!)
the-knocks-so-classic-ep-cover-art try not to dance…

5.) Who is Fly?
Jeff Goldblum
that’s who!  In honor of the Jurassic Park’s 22nd anniversary  – Thank you Huffington Post for putting together a grand compilation of this piece of sexiness! For your visual entertainment Click HERE!  62 Looks damn good on you Jeff – here’s to stayin fit and stayin fly!

MTE5NDg0MDU1Mzg2Njg2OTkx (Silver Fox)

Have a great weekend kids – get out there, get your sweat on and play!  Just make sure you’ve got some sweet jams and rock yo’ steez!

Stay Fit Stay Fly!

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