DBlog Week 2015: Out With the Old and In With New

Well DBlog Week 2015 has come and gone.  As much as I tried to keep up – My laptop charger breaking did not help matters.  I know, I know … NO EXCUSES, but frankly writing from my iphone and producing something of quality was just not happening.  I don’t want to write just to put something out there just for the sake of it.  Twitter and Social Media are great for thoughts and feelings but for a blog… not so much.  So as much as I am a bit disappointed in myself despite outside factors, I am still posting this topic that I started.

In this post I combined two of the blog topics of “Cleaning Out the Diabetes Closet” (Literally / Figuratively) and changes you would like to see in Diabetes in any way shape or form.

When travelling, my awareness of having T1D is definitely heightened.  Meeting new people, I generally let people find out about my diabetes more naturally.  As with anything, the more time you spend with me, the more you find out.  Being that I was away on a work conference, certain things always come to mind (“What if” is always the common theme).  There is always an uncertainty of food being available – Lunch is provided, but what exactly does that mean?  Now, I’m always game for anything but the fact is, the days can be long and being in and out of places I generally tend to overstock my bag – because well .. you just don’t know.  Glucose tabs, and Juice are a staple but if I start to run low, I start buying things on the fly just in case (again so I can be ready to go in a moment’s notice).  Being that I have officially had my CGM (continuous glucose monitor) for a year now (keep doing your thing Dexcom!), it’s really time to start changing some thought processes.  Trusting it (cgm), while trusting my instincts.  It’s time to clean out these thoughts of how I approach some of these items.  Cleaning out of comfort zones and habits and starting new ones (it takes 21 days right?).  Thanks to technology and my CGM for being there to assist in this process in taking these actions.  Having the data available definintely gives me more confidence in taking that risk of really fine tuning my blood sugar.  More recently I have been testing the waters in my overnights – I have a mild fear of going low in the middle of the night, so my evenings can be a little higher than necessary and sometimes have an effect on my morning due to this fear or overcompensation.  In this clean out, I’m changing my mindset, and taking action to clear out these mental blocks of “what if”.

As for changes in Diabetes: outside of a cure and changes in care…I want to see better Education  and Public Awareness about diabetes!  What it is, what it entails and the differences between each type. Oh yeah, and Let’s throw in everyone’s favorite topic – health insurance coverage! I will stop myself now and refrain from ranting about the insurance topic and just say this needs to be changed STAT!

What is so amazing to me though, is seeing these changes. In 17 years I’ve certainly seen a lot of innovation in diabetes care and we are in a very exciting time with promising research in encapsulation, and the artificial pancreas project (thanks JDRF! #thisiswhyiride).  There are also some newer companies out there taking different innovative approaches such changes as TidePool #WeAreNotWaiting and Bigfoot Biomedical.  These individuals have taken matters into their own hands – truly an inspiration!

To add to this, while in California I had the absolute pleasure of meeting with the people of Beyond Type 1 and they are up to some pretty awesome tasks in educating the public about living with diabetes!  I’m seriously stoked with what is coming from them – it will be EPIC!  Be sure to check them out on social media @beyondtype1! (Be on the lookout for #TheDropSpotted)

I’ve left this weekend feeling inspired to take things to the next level, in all aspects of my life.  As I clean out my mental closet and look ahead with my eye on the prize, I want to know….. what are you cleaning out?  What actions are you taking?

Jack Welch was the keynote speaker at the conference I attended and this stuck with me:

“Have you ever wished you waited 6 months to do something?  No.  Move faster and faster”.

Here is to Moving Forward!  Faster, Truthfully and with Passion!

Stay Fit Stay Fly!


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