DBlog Week 2015 | Keep it to Yourself

Today’s topic.  Keep It to Yourself.

This is a tough one – what are some aspects that you choose to keep private and why it is important.  Hmmmm slightly counterintuitive here.  Although there is no need to elaborate, this does mean that I am alluding to the things I keep to myself even though I will not disclose full detail.  Now, obviously I blog and post on instagram things related to diabetes.  Some are victories and some are what I consider D-problems….however I don’t post every nitty gritty detail of my life with diabetes.  Honestly, it would be terribly boring, mildly depressing and really just not necessary.  Not everyone needs to know everything, and I don’t feel the need to cause unnecessary worries.  As I mentioned before T1D is 24/7, so if I took a read of everything going on in my head and with my bod all day – I think I would depress myself!

There are times when I just push through things with a smile on my face, and there are times where I will just come out and say what exactly is going on .  Especially with a low blood sugar. It’s sometimes just easier to explain my Elmo Sesame Street Juice Boxes in the middle of a meeting or a class, although it can be fun to keep people guessing. 😉


(I do not know who the artist is, but whoever created this image, I would like to shake their hand!)

If my blood sugar is high – well let’s face it, who really likes to tell people this?  For those who don’t understand the ins and outs of diabetes, although they generally come from a good place, it sometimes feels like you’re being judged. For those who do understand, it causes worry – I don’t like to cause people worry.  Sometimes highs JUST HAPPEN, but that really crappy feeling of fogginess and thirst can be difficult to get through.  Now, I’m a food lover and there have been a few occasions where I have been at an event revolving around a meal or celebration and only recently have I become more forthright in saying as to why I’m not eating at the moment. More so when I don’t want to be rude; but if there are no low carb options in the moment like a salad or cheese, I have just reached a point where I just come out and say it.  My blood sugar is high right now and it is just not in my best interest to eat just yet, but once things stabilize I can’t wait to dive in!  Even though it’s not my favorite thing to do, I realize I’m at least educating people just a little bit more about what having Type 1 Diabetes can be like.

In truly keeping things to myself… I have my own fears.  Lots of them. I try to keep them at Bay and out of my head, despite the smile on my face and my will to BEAT BETES,  they are there, they vary and I will leave it at that…

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