DBlog 2015 | I Can

Well folks for the next week there is going to be a lot of D-posting.  Yours truly is participating in DBlog Week 2015 and will be posting daily with specific topics and to kick it off the topic for today is “I Can”.

I can and I will.  Now, I joke about being pancreatically challenged on the reg, but honestly it’s not a laughing matter (however, life is just too short to be so serious!).  Type one diabetes is 24/7 and all consuming – it literally effects every part of your life, everything do and every part of your body.  I could sit here and say “what if” and let diabetes just run my life (if I did I probably wouldn’t have much of one) but rather I run and take diabetes with me!  Ever since I was diagnosed at 14 years old, that is what it has been – diabetes is a large part of my life but it just comes along with everything I do!  A food aficionado – each new food brings a new challenge, and a little trial and error! Then you find the “sweet spot” (ba dum bum) and you figured out the right ratio of insulin:carbohydrates for that pasta dish you wanted to try – sweet sweet victory!

Leaving my 9-5 regular scheduled job, to being self employed and working in fitness – people ask how do you do it.  Here is the thing kids – when you want something you make it work!  Now I am self-admittedly a work in progress in balancing some of this out, but it’s been treating me well.  The most important thing that I have learned is to ALWAYS be prepared.  This should go without saying, but when I have everything on me (small purses be damned!) and by everything I mean diabetes supplies from syringes and insulin, to extra infusion sets – I’m not just ready in case something fails or breaks.  I can also be ready to go anywhere at a moments notice.  For those who know me, I hate injections of all kinds, yes, I may be used to it but it doesn’t make it any better.  Recently my pump failed while running in between jobs, the only option was to take a shot….woof.  First, I was very happy and thankful to have the syringes and insulin on me (what a drag and near impossible to have to try to run home and then get back into Manhattan) but after doing it I had a sense of pride, feeling like a diabadass knowing what I just did, and we all as Type Ones do this on the reg. Let’s just be real… we’re all diabadasses.  We stick needles in ourselves, insert pump sites all on our own, prick our fingers – if we can do that, we can do anything!

I CAN because of technology and research.  I’m amazed where technology has taken the care of diabetes, making the quality of  our lives better while en route to a cure.  Personally, adding the CGM (continuous glucose monitor) to my life was one of the best decisions I made.  Especially when teaching or performing it allows for me to really make a plan for how I want to approach my insulin needs, snacks etc.  Rather than taking good guesses I have more data and knowledge to work with – remember kids knowledge is power!  (Thanks School House Rock).

This Fall I am participating in the JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes in Death Valley, CA with my wonderful husband and we are training to ride 100 miles.  So for me, to get through the 100 miles in the heat – I’m taking this mantra of “I Can & I Will”!


  1. Good luck with training! Doing the JDRF ride is on my bucket list! One of these years I will do it. I enjoyed reading your post 🙂

  2. I agree with everything you said here (great post, BTW). But oh, wouldn’t it be nice to have a small purse. 😉

  3. Thank you Karen!!! Oh I know, I have tried, the problem is that I pack it all in and I think YESSSS got it. But then realize I have to take it all out just to get something out of it!

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