Friday Favorites | Top 5

Spring has officially Sprung and I am LOVIN it!  I’m loving a bunch of things this week and I’m going to give you the Top 5!

In need of new workout gear,  I set out on a mission to find some fantastically new Steph gear.  Passing by Sports Authority  I decided to give it a whirl.  Upon entering, I was delighted by Under Armour’s selection and lo and behold there they were: animal print studio pants (black reptile) and sports bra (green reptile).  I have to say this *sports bra could be one of my new faves – super comfortable and very flattering with cross back straps (WINNING).  Whenever you work out, you should always wear something that makes you feel super FLY.  (Personally, I also think it is a great motivator,: you bought something that you want to wear, AND you look good – um there is no better way to start a sweat session!  You spent your coins so make use of it! ).  *Note this sports bra is more medium impact – so you know yourself ladies, you gotta protect the girls – so be good to yourself!!!  A good sports bra is a well made investment!  As for the pants, these are a little more muted for me, but I’m completely in love and they are a little more versatile – being that I like to consider spandex my form of business casual… BOOM!

IMG_1206 With a leather jacket & some fly kicks – you’re ready to go!

Now for those who know me well, I will wear flip flops from the first inkling of Spring through Fall (I’ll push it pretty far).  Lately I have realized that it would be a wise decision to vary my flip flop wearing with something with a little more support.  So sitting pretty on the shelf of Century 21 were these lovely GOLD Sperry’s……I know, I know… Steph? Sperry’s? But these babies are GOLD – how could I turn them down?  Super comfy, gold, in my size, for a great prize – let’s face it, it was meant to be!

IMG_1201 They had me at GOLD!

A holiday that gives me an excuse to consume guacamole and margaritas – DON’T MIND IF I DO!!  Now, for the avocado… this creamy gem of a fruit  is quite possibly one of my favorite foods.  Although it is the good kind of fat – just watch out on the serving size.  Here comes Prof Skaf: A medium avocado (approx. 5 oz) has 5 servings.  So if one were to consume the whole avocado – there are approximately 250 calories and approximately 23 grams of fat and approx 12 grams of carbs.  Being that there are benefits to the avocado, it’s all about mindful and conscious eating (my personal philosophy – feel free to ask me! ). However, being that it was a holiday I surely consumed my fair share of this delicious snack. 😉  Now for the Margarita – I’m a purist when it comes to this delectable concoction. NO syrups. NO mixes. Just pure Tequila, Cointreau (or triple sec) and lime juice! I’m generally a wino, but a good ice cold margarita (salted rim preferred) with chips and guac are just perfection!  Now, if you don’t have the above mentioned ingredients I’m also a huge fan of what is known as the “Poor Man’s” Margarita:  Tequila and my personal sugar-free soda favorite FRESCA (yes, I do consume diet soda on occasion and I’m a-ok with it 😉 ).  This version is what my plan was for this past Tuesday evening, but alas my supermarket did not have that lovely green bottle of citrusy fizzy goodness.  So I opted to try a flavored seltzer…..VERDICT: ehhhhh not the worst but it sufficed.  Lots of added lime juice, but thankful for the low-cal cocktail.  Note to self: If no Fresca, no margarita making.

IMG_0638 Nom Nom Nom Nom

I had a fantastic opportunity to study with a favorite instructor of mine who came into town this week.  Just the spark of creation and creativity that I have been craving lately!  I’m also very fortunate to have some incredible mentors in my life to take class from and learn from on a regular – and for that I am forever grateful.  Regardless of what your interests are or your profession.  Never stop learning!  There is always MORE!  Take your skills to another level, take a chance on something different – you may just discover that new passion!  There is always something new to learn!  Whether you are brushing up on skills, or trying something for the first time – ignite that spark! 🙂

What is this you may ask?  Well if you have not heard – this genius idea was created as an AdBlock version of the Kardashians (#KardBlock) to block all Kardashian content that is taking over your newsfeed, websites etc. (Thank you Mr. James Shamsi!) Now, I fully admit to getting sucked into the black hole of Keeping Up With The Kardashians from time to time (I’m not sure if it is because it is like watching a train wreck and you just can’t believe it OR if I’m saying that to make myself feel better after I realize I have not changed the channel?).
MOMENT OF TRUTH: I do have a thing for bad television – let’s just say if it is on Bravo I will watch it).  But I agree whole-heartedly with the site:

We don’t care about how Kanye & Kim didn’t care when Amy Schumer ‘fell over’.

We don’t care about who the Kardashians are or aren’t sleeping with.
We don’t care that Kim dyed her hair blonde.
We don’t care about the Kardashians.

We do however care about raising awareness of transexuality, the one benefit of the Kardashians.
We do care about raising attention and money for the thousands that died in Nepal.
We do care about the tens of thousands being slaughtered by ISIS.

We care that other people care more about, or know more about the Kardashians than these issues.

So , as much as I will give credit to the K’s in that they are always working, I don’t need to know about every breath, move and facial injection this vapid group makes when there are more important issues happening in the world!!!  However, I would not mind if my newsfeed were to be filled with Puppies.  Puppies are always welcome!

So what are some of your favorite things?

Happy Friday Kids!

Stay Fit Stay Fly!


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