Back in the Saddle! | Hills of all Kinds

Well, it’s been a few days now…..after a long break up the Bike and I reunited at the place we were first brought together … Long Island!  Yes, this Saturday marked my first ride back in the saddle since the last time I was on it … 8  Y E A R S  ago!  Up bright and early (with coffee in hand of course) I was nervous – I mean really it had been so long!

That steel grey frame, those gears…it was so unfamiliar yet I knew it so well.  We got off to a rocky start  – I had a flat – but thankfully I was with some stellar individuals who were very patient and ready to help a girl out!  Onto the route it was go time!  Now for a first ride I was ambitious, but I must say it was a gorgeous day and there is nothing better than getting your workout in under blue skies and bright sun.  Now as the Bike and I were busy getting reacquainted (there is no easing into that relationship), there were some communication issues (working on those gears); we rode through areas that really make you think you have left the state of New York, simply stunning!  Whilst riding through winding roads of beautiful homes, Spring flowers and water fronts,  I also can’t help but think how my bike is not treating me very well for a first date, but hopefully this will pass.  Easing into breaks, up hill, down hill I was starting to get somewhat used to this rhythm all over again – then I feel a buzzing and beeping.  My CGM receiver is letting me know my blood sugar is rising. GREEEAAAATTT  (insert sarcasm).  Now for those who don’t know what that means here is Prof Skaf to inform you:  High Blood Sugar (hyperglycemia – when blood sugar rises above 180) – can cause frequent thirst, muscle fatigue, nausea amongst other symptoms. Personally, I was not feeling any symptoms at that moment but felt that my nerves, excitement and mild stress induced by traffic and hills that this rise in blood sugar made sense.  Exercising intensely, this does occur on a occasion so I was not worried, but a little while later I started to feel pretty crappy and looked at my CGM Receiver to find the reading of “HIGH”.  No one ever wants to see this.  This means your blood sugar has reached a point past 400 and is not giving a numerical reading.  So I gave myself a shot and figured ok, this will help speed things along… well long story short I decided to cut my ride short too.  My muscles were not handling it well, it was an ambitious ride so I would have been fatigued to start off and on top of that the D-problems of cramping, muscle fatigue and feeling a bit nauseous.  Although not happy to do so, but as I’ve learned along the way you’ve got to listen to your bod.  It will not lie to you.  Feeling a bit defeated cut out and split from the group, I thankfully found spot on the road where I had service and called a cab. This “HIGH” reading was not coming down and on top of not feeling well I was getting concerned.  FYI: Uber would not take my bike, so here is a BIG SHOUT OUT TO OYSTER RIDES in OYSTER BAY!!!  They saved the day – not only did I have a bike to transport back to the train station, I couldn’t even give them a pick up address (I fully admit to taking city living for granted)!!  Literally, me on a bike at an intersection with no homes, just trees, nature and a horse stable.  My driver not only took me to a better location but got me there right in time for  train to take me back to Queens!  (Things happen for a reason).   Back on the train, my blood sugar dipped down to a 394 (Never thought I would be happy to see that number, but I was happy to get a reading).  Got home, feeling not just defeated but deflated. Changed everything on my insulin pump – new site, new insulin bottle, new set – hit the couch and a few hours later things were thankfully back to normal again.

FullSizeRender (1)  (Womp Womp)

I’m not one to let T1D stop me, but the reality is sometimes it does – however I’m coming back next time that much stronger!  Diabetes likes to challenge me from time to time (it challenges all of us) and I take it and say watch me! Like Katy Perry says “You’re gonna hear me Roar”!  THIS IS WHY I RIDE.  (100 miles in Death Valley for Diabetes Research this October!)

Now the Bike and I are on good terms and will make this a regular thing.  On to more important things –  I’m now on a hunt for some super fly cycling pants.  Yes, I know there are some pretty dope looking cycling tights out there, but Imma get real here – I want the padded pants/shorts. That bike gets quite intimate with your nether regions (it’s borderline not ok) and although it does get better with time…ladies you need to protect that! (for my men out there, well, you’ve got other similar cycling issues so be sure to take care of that!!!)

If I’m training for 100 miles padding is a must and plain black just won’t do.  So I’m looking for something fun, fashionable (animal print is always welcome and preferred), something resembling leather, silver/gold lame?  Send me your suggestions!!!

That is all for now. So Today’s lesson, be good to your bod and listen to it, challenge yourself and last but not least protect yourself!

Stay Fit Stay Fly!

IMG_1177   We make a great couple don’t we?

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