It’s Throwback Thursday | Jamz Style

Got a nice start to the morning with some greek yogurt, almonds and blackberries!  I love the blackberry – a little tart, a little sweet, chock full of omega-3s, fiber and antioxidants!!  And of course – coffee, there is ALWAYS coffee.  No complete thoughts or planning can be done (or in my case, should be done) prior to that first sip! 🙂


In feeling a bit nostalgic I figured I would put together a sweet playlist for my morning workout! Taking Throwback Thursday back to my adolescence.  To the days of being a teenager growing up on Long Island, where the thing to do was hang out at the pool hall.  Anytime I hear any of these jams I think of those days/nights in the local hazy, dark, *smoke filled room playing those solids and stripes, otherwise known as Eight-Ball.  Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, R&B – a good mix of everything, killer start to the day, bringing a smile to my face as I think back to those silly pool shark days.  Taking full advantage of having the room to myself Sing-a-long with Steph was definitely on, although brought to a stop when another member came in – even though I’m sure he would have appreciated my rendition of P!nk’s Most Girls. 😉 Sweat Session dominated and feelin FLY!!!
*This was during a time when smoking was still allowed indoors, I did/do NOT smoke nor do I miss coming home reeking of cigarettes, however after a recent trip to the pool hall there is just something missing from the experience without that cloudy haze upon entering

Guys and Dolls Explicit, yes – that was the time.  


With Spring now here in New York (although today, I beg to differ) I’m taking a strong focus on toning.  Warmer weather = less clothing and we’ve all got a little something to show! 😉  For those who were interested – Day 1 of the PopSugar 21 Day Arm Challenge has started!  Thank you to the folks at POPSUGAR for making this easy to use guide and schedule – looking forward to seeing the results! Easy to use, easy to follow – a great addition to regular workouts with that little extra focus!


After a full day, I’m ready for some evening munching…one of my faves…POPCORN!  A lot of munch and not a lot of calories.. WINNING!  I like to pack in extra flavor by using different spices – hey added health benefits are always a plus!  Super easy, satisfying, and you can get creative with your flavors!  This batch has Cayenne, Turmeric and a little salt.  Now I am forced to share this so I used a large pan – however just read the bottle of kernels you are using for serving size.  First cover the bottom of the pan with a thin layer of oil (I prefer to Olive oil or Canola depending on what I am using).  For this particular one I use both Turmeric and Cayenne in the oil – sprinkling into the pot so the layer of oil is covered.  Add kernels, cover the pot, listen until the popping slows down next to nothing and voila!  Easy, healthy munchy goodness!



Remember Kids: I want to know your jamz, snacks and how your arms are sculpting!

Stay Fit Stay Fly!


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