FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Paris to Cologne | FIBO, Food, Fitness, T1D

What a whirlwind!  Paris.  It was a very brief stay – a good 9 hour visit – but it was a simply gorgeous day in Paris and you know this one took complete advantage of the weather and time.  In keeping with Staying Fit and  Staying Fly, I LOVE seeing cities by foot – there is just so much more to see on foot and it is a great way to get some miles and activity in without even realizing it!  It took a bit longer to get out of the airport than anticipated- but I was able to get out and about in the city by 3pm.  Now when booking this hotel I was all about location, location, location!  This was not my first trip to Paris, so I really just wanted to take time for some of my favorite things: walking, people watching, and of course FOOD! Also, the last time I was here, it was quite cold, so it was a delight to walk around in the sun, and see lovely signs of spring! From my hotel I was able to make a great loop making my way to the Arc de Triomphe, down the Champs Elysee, over to the Louvre back around to the Grand Palais and the Eiffel Tower.  Now after walking around all afternoon it was time for some imbibements that were well earned.  Of course a delightful platter of cheese and glass of wine were just the thing to satisfy this tired and hungry traveler.  After devouring a delightful plate of Brie, Camembert and Rocquefort and a glass of Cote du Rhone sitting outside watching people pass by- it was time to head back to the hotel for a little refresher.  I’m a huge fan of catnaps – a good 20-30 minutes of sweet slumber and I’m ready to go.  Dinner was on a recommendation – had a lovely piece of fish, some veg and of course some Champagne!  The owner was a bit perplexed and squeezed me into a spot at the bar and muttered that the place was full of English and Americans – haha oh well!  The bartender was a true delight, and mentioned this as well (he was equally perplexed but was a delight to have as a server).  There is something so gloriously wonderful about exploring a city on your own and dining on your own.  If you haven’t done either, I strongly suggest trying it out.  Find a new restaurant you’ve been dying to try and just go, sit and be in the moment.  The restaurant forgot part of my order – the carb portion – luckily I hadn’t bolused yet, and my blood sugar was a little out of whack so I was ok.  I took this as sign that dessert was in order.  Strolling towards the Eiffel Tower – the best view is actually just a few blocks from my hotel.  So I stopped and bought a coffee with some Beingets (you know I never had them before?) a crepe would have been delightful but was a little too large for my liking.  These little dough balls full of chocolate were just what I wanted and the two were the perfect size.  Up the stairs I found the perfect spot to sit watch and wait for the light show.  Sitting and taking it all in watching tourists take photos (I’m beginning to think I need a selfie stick), groups of teenagers hanging out in corners, hawkers selling mini Eiffel towers and random cheap *toys, couples canoodling and then there it is.  The beautifully lit Eiffel Tower standing right in front of me.  Breathing in and thinking how lucky and thankful I am to have this moment – the light show starts and it is Magic!  In everything you do, take time.  Moments create experiences, experiences are your life and build who you are.  A few minutes after the light show I decided I should head back to the hotel for at least a little sleep before leaving for Cologne in the morning. 🙂

Now en route to Cologne and I am so excited for what is to come!

Generally I have not had this much trouble when travelling, but for some reason my blood sugar has been a bit of a roller coaster (I know the time change and carb counts are a bit different (especially the bread) but it has been alot of ups and downs.  This is also the first time travelling internationally with my CGM – it has been quite off (by about 100!)
QUESTION:  Have you experienced this while traveling?

Au Revoir Paris, Wilkommen Cologne!  I have to say, this was by far the best train ride I have EVER experienced – no exaggeration!  A delightful ride through the French country side, Belgium, and then my final destination: Cologne!  Spacious and the upgrade is well worth it – Free wifi and breakfast (a quite tasty one at that) it completely pays for itself – extra cup of coffee – don’t mind if I do  thank you Thalys!!!

Now for Cologne!  FIBO 2015 – what an honor and a privilege to be a part of one of the largest international fitness and wellness expos!   A heartfelt thank you to the creator and founder Sarina Jain -I had the amazing opportunity to assist and present Masala Bhangra both at the booth and on the Main Stage!  I have to be honest – our booth was sick!!  No joke people were taking photos of it – and it was pretty wild to see my face on there!! Now the Masala Bhangra FIBO team was ON POINT!  We rocked the main stage and endless demos at our booth!  Energy was high and lots of Balle Balle Love all around!!!


It was hard work for 4 days, but you know how we roll here at Stay Fit Stay Fly – Work Hard Play Hard!  So of course, taking advantage of any moment possible at the end of each day I made sure to see part of the city (by foot and through food, there is no other way 😉 ) and indulging in some well earned local eats and libations!  Nothing like an ice cold Kolsch and some wurst to tap off your night with awesome company!!!


The most memorable evening was at an Indian Restaurant (keeping on theme with Masala Bhangra) where I got to share some time with some pretty incredible and special people, delicious food and some impromptu in house dancing!!  What is better than that?!  Thousands upon thousands of people queued up to enter the convention each day.  I even met the creator of Zumba – Beto Perez!


This convention includes a Body Building Competition – although my failure at finding someone to benchpress me and the MB Team (WOMP), it was quite a spectacle!

After this incredible whirlwind it was time to pack and head back to New York.  There was also a great lesson learned on this trip home – I MUST visit Amsterdam!  A country that sends you off and welcomes you with copious amount of Gouda (is this heaven?) clearly gets bumped to the top of the travel list!   Not only that, they have samples for you!  Heck I wish I had a longer layover so I could have delighted in more cheese consumption!


For my T1Ds – this was a real first for me.  I try not to let things get to me but man my bloodsugar was one huge roller coaster the ENTIRE time!  As mentioned in Paris, it’s different food, adrenaline, hormones etc. etc. etc. (throw in whatever outside factors you wish) – nothing was consistent.  I even ate the same breakfast each day – my lunch and dinner varied as I spent my days chasing highs and lows.  But I persevered, I do not let T1D stop me from anything – minus a small personal breakdown over not wanting to consume another glucose tablet (2 large jars in 4 days – not cool Betes, not cool).  Although I am incredibly thankful for these medical technologies and devices in my life, they are pretty useless when not working efficiently.  Ex: CGM says 181, but Steph is feeling funny and whips out the glucometer and finds 74 on the screen!  (again, not cool, and reason #9879876 why I rarely carry a small bag.  Always be prepared kids, it’s not good to rely on others for these situations – it’s your life, why risk it?).  Update: Back to the daily D-Work In Progress, and things are back to normal on the CGM front – wondering if security checks do anything to it????

New countries, cities, experiences, education (love learning and learning from others), amazing people – I am very thankful and humbled – looking forward to the future, and laying off the cheese for a little while (sigh).

Stay Fit Stay Fly

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