Travelling with Type One Diabetes | What If…

From the West Coast to Cologne!  Being that I just got back from California and preparing to go to Germany TONIGHT (Ja! – with a brief stop in Paris – YAY stinky cheese – then off to FIBO.  FIBO is one of the leading international trade shows for fitness, wellness & health! ),  with some final packing I am thankful that a bulk of this project had been completed – however this one really gets me EVERY time!  Here is the thing – I LOVE travelling but I HATE packing.  Yep, there is no joy in packing (you are packing just to unpack) and let’s face it, with Type One Diabetes, there is no such thing as “packing light”.  I carry my life with me on a general and that is just for the day, now imagine for the week.  🙂  My general rule of thumb is as long as I have all of my diabetes paraphernalia I’m all set.  For anything else that may get left behind, I figure I can always get it somewhere.  Ok, that sounds easy enough.  So per usual I make my list of all the D-items I need to bring, pull everything together and then.. it happens.  That thought that completely consumes  my mind and takes over…..

WHAT IF?!?!?!

Even though I have packed enough supplies to last me a month, the “what if’s” begin. “What if I drop my insulin bottle and it breaks”?  “What if I drop my lancing device and it falls in the sewer AGAIN”? (yes, this has happened – it was like watching a movie in slow motion, I actually don’t think I could have done that if I tried).  “What if my insulin pump malfunctions – do I have enough syringes, maybe I should get more just in case? What if this glucometer breaks do I have a back up?  Do I have enough *glucose tablets – what if I go low too much and then I don’t have enough..I’ll just pack a second jar”…..  I think you are picking up what I’m putting down… and before you know it, I have months worth of supplies packed away for a 4 day trip.  Crazy I know, but the reality is that these things can (and have) happened!  I pack everything in clear bags/containers so when going through security on the off chance I get pulled aside (this has not happened often but has happened) making for a smoother search.  There is nothing like being pulled into a separate room to have your perfectly packed bag poured out onto a table (Reason # 93485943857 why I hate packing).  While I pace to and from my luggage stuffing random diabetes supplies in any extra space I find (as they say, the more the merrier), I look forward to a lovely sleep on the plane this evening dreaming of that stinky cheese and red wine I plan to enjoy while in the “City of Light”!
See you in Paris!
-Stay Fit Stay Fly
*To my fellow T1Ds out there.  I generally use glucose tablets as they work fast, and travel well (no mess!).  What is your go to/ what do you prefer to use for low blood sugars?

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