Fitness Firsts

Hard to believe just a day and a half ago I was out and about gallivanting through the hills of San Francisco!  (I forgot how steep those hills can be!  Werk that gastrocnemius!) Now I am back in the cloudy, cold East Coast (Spring where are you???). But I won’t let Mother Nature get me down – I will just boycott wearing any sort of winter paraphernalia!  Now you are probably wondering why were you in California?

Well, I had the incredible opportunity to present one of my favorite dance workouts: Masala Bhangra at SCW Mania in Burlingame CA!  I’m officially a Masala Bhangra Master Trainer!  SCW Mania is a 3-Day convention that brings together fitness professionals with over 200 sessions focusing on Group Fitness Classes,  Small Group Training, Personal Training, Nutition, Business and new upcoming workouts!  Aside from having a booth, Masala Bhangra had two sessions over the course of the 3 days and I had the pleasure of leading one of them!  Life has a crazy way of working and this whole weekend reaffirmed my decision to pursue fitness!!!

And, and AND!  Pre-convention I received my Schwinn Cycling Certification!  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this new endeavor!  This training was lead by Master Trainers Jeff Scott and Doris Thews – these energy filled instructors reaffirmed my decision to pursue my cycling certification with Schwinn!  I love that the emphasis is based on the participant and how they are feeling through the workout.  I’m a firm believer that there is no exact science that works for everyone (just like T1D) and even as individuals we are not exactly the same each day!  So the focus really comes down to the individual experience.  Love this!  So now I’m certified to get you riding to nowhere and hope you will also join me on some training rides outdoors!  While at the conference I took the opportunity to take a session with Schwinn Master Trainer Keli Roberts on Lactate Threshold Training – this session was an Intro to a new way of training and pushing your personal goals – this will be incredibly helpful as I train for The Death Valley Ride to Cure Diabetes!  (100 miles, October, Death Valley, CA)! For more on this Click HERE!

All in all the conference was a great experience!  Learning, meeting new people – that’s my kind of weekend…this has gotten me even more excited about FIBO the international fitness expo in Cologne Germany next week!  (More to come with that!)

On my last day, of course I had to take advantage of the gorgeous afternoon I had in Frisco: I managed to squeeze in a number of good things to see and of course eat!  I love seeing a city by foot and I definitely got some good mileage in!  In this feeling of inspiration and Spring is here (although it doesn’t quite feel so Springy just yet). For the next 3 weeks I’m going to take on the POPSUGAR 21 Day Arm Sculpting Challenge!  This site is fantastic and there are a number of different challenges!  This super simple Chart breaks each movement down, and sets the calendar for you! Bicep Curls, Upright Rows, Triceps Kickbacks, Overhead Shoulder Press, & Bent-Over Reverse Fly….. Who wants to join me???? 🙂

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