Yoga, Fashion, Music & WTRMLN

As much as I love Fridays, there is something about Sunday mornings that are just pure awesome!  This Sunday morning in particular I had the opportunity to partake in an event that included a yoga class, some awesome jams, shopping and my first experience with WTRMLN WTR (review below)!  How appropriate for Staying Fit and Staying Fly!?

After racing to Bandier Flatiron (thanks MTA!) I made it just in time to throw down my bag and roll out my yoga mat.  We were greeted with an infectious smile by a very California chic, zen woman Lauren Imparato who is the owner of I.AM.YOU Studio.  Ok,  before I go any further: moment of truth here people: I’m really not a fan of yoga (GASP). BUT, I do like trying new things, and I just have to say – this was a Jammin class!  Literally JAMMIN!  Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation and a version of Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus – now this is a yoga class I can get on board with!!!  Not only was the music on point, this class was easy to follow, and great for ALL levels!  Being a yoga novice, it was nice to step into a class, receive proper corrections, and feel like this was MY class!  The philosophy of I.AM.YOU Studio is an all around physical & philosophical approach with a focus on YOU.  With a Final OM I had a whole new outlook on this modern approach to yoga!  After class there was a bit a of Q&A with the founder –  her story is inspiring and you can find out more about this rock star instructor and leader click HERE!

IMG_0680(Pre-class Intro with the Founder of I.AM.YOU Studio)

Now it was time for some shopping and to get my DRNK on and by drink I mean WTRMLN WTR!  Bandier|NY is a great stop for your fashionable fly fitness needs.  With the original location in Southampton, the Flatiron pop-up location has been around since Fall ’14 (online store coming soon!).  My last trip here I came back with some sweet apparel from Zara Terez, GoodhYOUman, even Under Armour ! (You’ve probably seen me sporting these on IG: @ssdancefit) Unfortunately, they did not have my size in the items I wanted this time, but I will be sure to return!  Especially for this fit belt that can hold all sorts of gadgets – T1D friends I will be sure to update you on this one once they restock!

Now with my blood sugar coasting at 135 I was game to try WTRMLN WTR.  I had read some recent articles about this new found beverage trend (similar to Coconut Water) this cold pressed juice is meant to be hydrating, all with the extra benefits of a good serving of potassium and lycopene.  Although there is no added sugar, for this pancreatically challenged lady there is a decent amount of carbs and sugar in one serving (bottle is 1.5) that for me it is just not worth it.

IMG_0681So as always, when an opportunity comes: take it.  Try something new.  Challenge yourself.  You will be surprised where you go and what you learn!

Stay Fit Stay Fly!

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