March Strong | Fun Facts and SPRING!

Ok it may be snowing outside people but guess what – it is officially MARCH! (As if you didn’t already know)

Not only is it a new month  (I love a good fresh start), March means SPRING!!!! T-minus 19 days! (who is counting?)

While we endure this crazy month of March coming in like a Lion (thank you Mother Nature) and out like a Lamb – visions of sun, flip flops and warmer weather swirl through my head!  Whether you have gone into hibernation over the last few months or have been braving the elements, it is never too early (or too late) to get your workout routine down before the weather gets warmer and clothes get smaller! 😉  With that being said, less clothing is not the reason why you should get yourself moving  – it’s because being physically active is good for you!  Aside from all of  the standard facts of why exercise is good for you here are a few fun facts to get you movin’.  Be it a walk, bike ride or some booty shakin’ to your favorite jams!

Boost Creativity
Hit that afternoon wall?  Writer’s Block? Just plain tired? Take a Walk! Walking is said to stimulate and boost creativity.  Linking the Mind – Body Connection,  physical activity can help prevent cognitive degeneration and Alzheimer’s Disease! Now here comes Prof. Skaf: physical activity stimulates the hippocampus – the area of your brain that plays an integral role in memory and learning!  So you’re not just working out for your heart and health –  you are doing it for your mind! (PSSST It’s a win-win as you also use it to achieve your goal of 10,000 steps each day!)

Inspire & Motivate
A little friendly competition, a buddy system – when you commit to yourself and others you’re more likely to show up to play!  Create a schedule or activity so it is not just a “workout” but something you commit to together , but you will inspire and motivate each other.  Find that next edge and keep pushing!  That’s what friends are for and what better way than to do something that benefits all!?

And last but certainly NOT least

Looking & Feeling Sexy and Taking it to Bed! 
Yes, you may have seen this article in Shape Magazine (Exercise Makes You Better in Bed).  But seriously think about it – endurance, increased blood flow, stamina – not to mention that Sassy confidence you get when you are looking good and feeling good! Prof. Skaf is back – Pheromones: the hormone that is released and is magnified when we sweat, it is your scent of attraction!  With that being said, ditch the worn out T-Shirt and wear something that makes you look and feel super FLY!

*If you’re looking for some new gym apparel, join me on Sunday, March 22nd at Athleta Flagship store in Flatiron on 18th Street and 5th Avenue for Masala Bhangra class followed by some shopping!!!  Because as you know the motto here is: Stay Fit Stay Fly!


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