For your <3 | Go Red!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

You’ve got one life to live – so LIVE it up!  To live your best life you need to live a healthy one!

With February 6th being National Wear Red Day – a day to educate and create awareness of something that so many take for granted – heart health!  The very organ that keeps us alive!  Here are some pretty scary statistics:

Did you know:
1 in 3 Women dies of heart disease & stroke each year?!

Did you know:
It is preventable?!

Did you know:
Not only is it preventable, but preventable by 80%?!

*Stats found by American Heart Association & Go Red for Women

WOW.  So here’s the thing, if you haven’t already so, I encourage you, no wait… I ASK you, PLEASE take that first step forward!  There is no other direction.  Be it a change in diet, or stepping up your exercise routine.  Cooking Light has a great resource of Heart Healthy Recipes and there is literally something for EVERYONE! Carnivores, Vegetarians, Pescetarians, and for those with a sweet tooth there are dessert options!  There is no excuse – it’s right here in the link!

Ok, so you have your meals set – now it’s time to get moving!  Increase your exercise with some basics:  get those 10,000 steps.  Take the stairs, walk to work (or if taking public transportation get off at an earlier stop or park your car at the end of the parking lot).  For those already doing this – try something new!   A new class (ahem, insert shameless plug), a new activity – challenge your self, find that thing that makes you crave more!  Remember you can also do many of these activities with friends, and the first step is to do something and to create awareness!  The more the merrier!

So wear RED on Friday, February 6th.  For your mom, daughter, sister, friends, girlfriends, wives – all of the women in your life and for women everywhere!  Don’t forget to take photos and hashtag #GoRed!  I know will be rocking out in Red tomorrow and hope to see you rockstars joining in!

Do it for YOU, do it for your HEART!

Stay Fit Stay Fly!


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