The Calculus of Holiday Season!

Oh the holiday season! Lots of merriment to be had! The parties! The food! The Booze! Wait a minute….


Now of course there are exceptions to every rule – however the point is you can still enjoy this fun, festive season, and enjoy all of your favorite indulgences – just remember that we have choices! For those who know me, I am sucker for good wine and a good stinky cheese, and I surely will not deny myself either one! I am a firm believer in everything in moderation, and even more so finding the right balance! ( I am a true Libra!)

Ok so let’s break this down…

As mentioned I have an affinity for cheese, it is very hard to resist a creamy gooey brie,or a nutty manchego – I digress . Make sure to check out all of the options first – look for veggies, and light proteins like shrimp cocktail. Fill up on these items first and save your favorite items for last, so that your are more full, and less likely to indulge on your favorites, or a full wheel of brie. Remember as Vanessa Williams sang “You go and save the best for last”.

Here we come a Wassailing…ah the tradition of Wassailing! Neighbors stopping by singing good wishes of a new year to their neighbors, ending with an exchange of a Wassail beverage along the lines of a mulled cider, wine or beer! Clearly this exchange has continued through many a holiday party! (Lots of Merriment!). Be sure for every drink, consume a glass of water. This will not only cut on calorie consumption, it will keep you hydrated and fuller longer. In short, altogether consuming less calories! WIN-WIN!

Let’s face, there is ALWAYS a party, a gathering and event going on every day and night during this season. With more parties it is more time taken out of your regular schedule, and well See Above.

But just because the equation above points to MORE CALORIES does not prove that it is always true! IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE!!!! With all of the various celebrations, it can sometimes feel impossible to keep up with everyone and everything, and maintaining a regular workout routine is not always the top priority. Even when it is the very last thing you want to do, remember doing SOMETHING is better than NOTHING, and you will thank yourself later! And when that time comes and you truly cannot make that sweat session, be sure to add extra physical activity throughout the day. These are some great goals and habits to create going into 2015 to create a Fit and Fly you! The holiday season comes on like a hurricane, and is over in the blink of an eye. Don’t lose out on all of your hard work, over the course of one month!

So here are a few tips for a Fit Fly You through the holidays!
Don’t Deny Yourself – But Make Choices!
Allow yourself your favorite treat, and opt for healthier choices.
*BE MINDFUL OF SERVING SIZES – these will get you everytime if you are not sure or aware. Read labels – they will become your best friend

Stay Hydrated!
Drink Water! Did you know that most of the time we mistake dehydration for hunger? Have a glass of water, wait a half hour and see if you are still hungry. The extra bonus of water is the wonders it does for your skin – especially in the winter months too!

Keep Moving!
Whether you are keeping up your regular routine or having a little trouble – always remember SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING. You will thank yourself later, and I guarantee once you get moving, it won’t seem so bad! One easy way to make sure you are getting some extra physical activity in your day is getting 10,000 steps in. Now this may not seem hard to do, but for those days when you haven’t been able to step away from your desk or computer, it will definitely give you an extra push extra push. Get off at the earlier subway stop, take the stairs, take a holiday detour and find the 10 largest decorated Christmas Trees! 🙂 I personally use the Nike Fuel Band – not only does it measure steps but many other ways of burning energy! There are a plethora of products out there, here is a list thanks to the awesome folks at POPSUGAR to help you find the right one for you!

AND Last but certainly NOT Least…

Take Time for You!
This time of year is a lot of fun, but it is also easy to get run down. Be sure to take care of yourself! Listen to your body, take time to relax and rest. When we are not well, everything suffers.

So here are my final notes for getting through the holiday celebrations, libations and social activities:
Embrace moments – they last longer than material things.
Take time: time for you, time with friends & family.
Enjoy! Everything is better with a smile!
Be happy. Be Healthy.
Stay Fit! Stay Fly!

To my friends who celebrate a Happy First Night of Hanukkah!

30 Day Challenge Update: a few hurdles. Squats are going strong, Push Ups need some work – but still moving in the right direction!

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