Countdown to 2015!!!

This is my favorite time of year especially in New York City!  Lots of Fs!  Friends, Family, Food, Fun and don’t forget FITNESS!  Even when it seems impossible there is always a way to squeeze it in!  As we enter into this last month of the year I cannot help but reflect on 2014 and get excited about a new year to come!  When you think of New Years resolutions, many of them seem to revolve around health, fitness and well being.  Thanks to the great people at POPSUGAR I am committing to two 30 Day Challenges!  The 30 Day Squat Challenge and The 30 Day Push-up Challenge! Why did I choose these challenges?  Honest answers: 1.) I would like a firm booty that I can bounce a quarter off of and I think this plan is a great head start on the road to achieving this coin bouncing goal!   2.) Push-ups have always been difficult for me and this plan makes the goal of 50 attainable and just another way to get ahead of 2015!  Both plans are already set-up for you day-by-day and as we all know the holiday season is here and it can be a crazy time of year!  It is easy to lose track of time and push some things off but these workouts can easily be done anywhere, do not require any equipment and both are PERFECT additions to your regular cardio!

So why wait for the new year to get started?  Get ahead, bring in the new year a little stronger and say hello to 2015 looking fit and looking fly!

I am stepping out of my comfort zone and I hope that you will join me! BRING IT ON 2015!

Stay Fit Stay Fly!

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